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Originally from Atlanta, I am currently finishing up my junior year of college at Frost School of Music. Music has always been a big part of my life, my parents put me in piano lessons when I was four and my teacher would paint my finger nails different colors to line up with the white keys on the piano. When I got bigger I started performing in musicals and taking saxophone lessons. I thought that was pretty cool because I was the only girl that played saxophone at my school and I beat all the boys on our placement auditions.

Since I was 12 I had a plan to go to Brown and study pre-med and become a doctor and live a super normal life. Then, at about 15 my love for poetry began. I was reading Sylvia Plath and E.E. Cummings, and whatever I could get my hands on. I started writing poems just for fun, and it was probably a year or so after that that I thought about setting my poems to music. I wrote a couple songs and decided I liked that a little more than playing classical saxophone, and a lot more than the idea of studying pre-med.

I think my music is largely influenced by growing up on Nickel Creek and Alison Krauss, as well as getting into indie-rock in high school, and falling in love with everything folk, from Bob Dylan to Laura Marling. Performing has always been second nature to me, and besides writing my favorite thing about a career in music. Connecting in real time with an audience is the craziest, most mystical and unexplainable experience and I hope to have it a million more times.

Nevermine was written in the course of about 2 months. They’re the most vulnerable, scary, fragile parts of me that I wrapped up in a pretty melody and disguised with metaphors. When I got my fingernails painted at piano lessons, I had no idea how much I would be up against 15 years later. But, I’m lucky to be able to create something kind of cool out of the bad stuff, and I hope it makes someone else’s bad stuff a little better.



"it's the moment that Lazar's voice - almost uncontrolled with passion and freed from any sort of guideline - roars above everything else that matters most."

-line of best fit

" The whole track is pretty much dripping with [authentic rawness]. It’s almost certain that [she]  shall be standing tall amongst some of this years rising musical talent. In fact she’ll be a front-runner of the pack for sure."

- When the gramophone rings

"It's a rare combination of natural talent, gorgeous songwriting, poetic imagery, and defiance of formulaic structure, and it feels like only the beginning"



"Gritty, real, and urgent Caroline's Lazar's new track "Trigger" off brand new EP Nevermine shows off exemplary songwriting and vocals charged with striking fervour."



"this song evokes the star qualities that she brings – beautifully orchestrated percussion, striking vocals and the level of songwriting that easily sits with some of the best today including [daughter] and [big thief]."

-tap the feed

"Listening to Lazar’s new single Trigger gives me the same feeling, a raw gem on the verge of blowing up."

-Going solo

"She’s one to keep an eye on for fans of Margaret Glaspy, Maggie Rogers & Laura Marling."

-Sounds so beautiful










more to come...