22 year old indie singer/songwriter, Caroline Lazar, recently graduated from college and is now preparing to move to New York, put out her second EP, and ya know, take over the world. Many of the songs on this new project, including the first single, Georgia, were written with her friend and producer, Reed Gaines. "This project feels even more honest and vulnerable than my first EP, nevermine," Caroline says. "The songs are about how I deal with all aspects of my life; they're about my parents, figuring out who I am, and they're about letting go of people who don't deserve to be important to me." 

Last year, Caroline released her first project- a collection of four, intimate, folk driven songs that make up the Nevermine EP. Caroline wrote these songs over a period of two months, and recorded them shortly after. The Nevermine EP takes Caroline's vulnerability and amplifies it with the electronic production of her classmate, Daniel Loumpourides.